The Hamtramck Citizen Patrol was created in 2009 to help ensure the safety of our community.

We are not a branch of the HPD.

We do not assume the role of police officers.

We do not carry weapons.

We do not make arrests.

Our Mission Statement

The Hamtramck Citizen’s Patrol is an organization of resident volunteers who assist the Hamtramck Police Department (HPD) in crime prevention. We are not a branch of the HPD. We do not assume the role of police officers, carry any weapons or make arrests. Our mission is to ensure the safety and security of Hamtramck residents, their property and their homes. We act as observers only and we are the eyes and ears of our community. We strive to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood by reporting and deterring crime. To this end, volunteers will routinely patrol Hamtramck neighborhoods and engage in various crime-prevention activities. Membership Information

We encourage you to take this stand with us as a support to the Hamtramck Police Department, Hamtramck Community Initiative [Community Policing] and the citizens of Hamtramck.

Applicants MUST comply with the following criteria:

• A mature, responsible citizen, with an interest in the community.

• A resident of Hamtramck.

• Applicant must be at least 21 years of age.

• Applicants must successfully pass at background investigation.

• Must have valid driver’s license and insurance

• Abide by the rules and requirements of the police.

We ask that you donate 4 hours per month in patrolling. That is only 2 hours, twice a month.

You will also be expected to attend HCP meetings which are generally not more than 1 per quarter.


1) Click on the GOOGLE DOC  link below.  You can download the application from google, fill it out, save it and Email it to:  hamtramckcp@gmail.com   

2) If you would like an application emailed or "snail" mailed to you, please contact the Citizen Patrol at hamtramckcp@gmail.com