HAMTRAMCK HEIGHTS  (4Cs) Block Club   

Seeking leaders at this time.      Boundaries are Carpenter, Conant, Caniff and Campau

THE 3C7/MIDTOWN BLOCK CLUB IS CURRENTLY MEETING VIA ZOOM     2nd Wednesay of the month       Boundaries:  For all residents and businesses between Carpenter, Campau, Caniff and I-75    CONTACT: Rebecca Majestic, Chairperson Rebecca Majestic  rebecca.l.majestic@gmail.com

MIDTOWN Block Club has merged with 3C7 Block Club.  

Boundaries: For residents that live between Caniff and Holbrook and between Jos. Campau and I-75.

2nd Wednesday CURRENTLY MEETING VIA ZOOM  7- 8 PM Contact Chairperson Rebecca Majestic rebecca.l.majestic@gmail.com

EASTSIDE Block Club   No meetings scheduled at this time.    Boundaries:  All Hamtramck Streets East  of Conant and North of Holbrook    Contact: Vera Burk  313 874-0604  Contact Janell Meyers for East Side Community Garden 313 598-1843

SOUTH SIDE BLOCK CLUB    No meetings at this time. 

Boundaries:  Caniff, Conant, GM Drive, St. Aubin  

SENIOR PLAZA BLOCK CLUB     Contact Ron Orr  roninhamtramck@yahoo.com  313-850-5379

CENTRAL BLOCK CLUB    Seeking leaders at this time, TBD   Boundaries:  Caniff, Conant, Holbrook and Campau